CS studentsAre you interested in developing creative, effective, and elegant solutions to computing problems? Designing and implementing software? Devising new ways to use computers? Learning how to utilize computational methods more effectively in your future career? Making a positive difference in the world in general? At Berry, we start you down the path toward whatever future you imagine. Continue reading

New Creative Technologies Major

Do you tinker, build, make, create, invent or innovate? The creative technology major is an interdisciplinary program that combines studies in technology, design thinking, computer sciences, and business. It uses hands-on technology projects as the means for developing student creativity, analytical and problem solving skills, mathematical and scientific reasoning, collaborative abilities, aesthetic sensibilities, computing, programming skills, project management skills and strategic insights. Learn more about this new major at http://www.berry.edu/majors/creativetechnologies/.

Hour of Code 2013 @ Berry College

Are You Ready For The 21st Century?

We live in a world immersed in technology. Computer Science (not “computer literacy”) underlies most innovation today, from biotechnology, manufacturing, and marketing to cinematography, healthcare, and national security. Yet the majority of U.S. schools require only that students use computers. Only a tiny fraction of American students learn the foundations of the underlying technology, or how to create software, apps, or web sites. The ability to innovate with technology is critical for students’ future success and ability to make a difference in our global society. Computer Science provides a foundation for virtually any career and every student can benefit from learning the basics.

Hour of Code 2013

This year, for Computer Science Education Week, a massive global campaign called the Hour of Code is geared up to enable 10 million students to experience an hour of programming, or coding. Programming is a critical tool for Computer Science and provides a basis to begin understanding the central role computation holds in our world today. On Monday, December 9, 2013, between 1:30pm-4:30pm, Berry College will host an Hour of Code event for students and other members of the Berry community. Continue reading