Suggested Plans of Study

Time LineThe following are suggested plans of study for the various Computer Science options based on the projected schedule of course offerings.

Major in Mathematics with Computer Science Concentration

In addition to the suggested course of study for the major in pure Mathematics, students concentrating in Computer Science should plan to take

  • CSC 120 – spring semester of freshman year
  • CSC 219 – spring semester of freshman/sophomore year
  • CSC 225 – fall semester of sophomore/junior year
  • CSC 345 – fall semester of sophomore/junior/senior year
  • CSC 315 – junior/senior year, as available
  • Additional CSC elective at 300+ level – as available

Minor in Computer Science

  • (optional elective) CSC 103 – fall semester of freshman year
  • CSC 120 – spring semester of freshman year
  • CSC 225 – fall semester of sophomore/junior year
  • CSC 345 – fall semester of sophomore/junior year
  • 2 or 3 additional electives (two at 300+ level) – sophomore/junior year, as available
Sample plans of study, starting Fall 2013/Spring 2014, for the Minor in Computer Science are available.

Minor in Web Development

The required CSC courses for this interdisciplinary minor can be completed in two years:

  • CSC 103 – offered every fall semester
  • CSC 245 – offered spring semester, alternate years
  • additional elective (one or two) – chosen as available

Note that several of the interdisciplinary electives have prerequisites that are not part of the minor. Students intending to pursue this minor must consult with faculty in departments where electives are offered regarding the schedule of offerings, to ensure their ability to complete the minor on time.