Spring 2013 Courses

Links to course websites for Spring 2013 CSC courses:

Also hosted on the CS Moodle this semester are the following MAT courses:

Please contact your instructor if you cannot access your course website.


Course Offerings 2012-2013

Courses offered in the 2012-2013 academic year represent a phase-out of the old computer science curriculum. A general schedule of course offerings for the new computer science offerings is available for future planning.

Fall 2012:
– CSC 300 Professional and Social Contexts (1-0-1)
CSC 350 Computer Organization & Architecture (3-2-4)
CSC 420 Topics: Physical Computing (3-0-3)

Spring 2013:
CSC 120 Designing Programs: Problem-solving and Abstraction (3-2-4)
CSC 219 Discrete Structures (3-0-3)
– CSC 340 Operating Systems (3-0-3)
– CSC 490 Senior Project (3-0-3)