Minor in Computer Science

CS StudentsThe computer science minor is recommended for students who wish to supplement their major in another discipline and/or enhance their potential for employment or graduate study in a computing-related field. The minor is designed to supplement a liberal arts education in the context of the modern technological era by providing students a perspective on the nature of computation – its applied and theoretical components.

The minor consists of at least 19 hours of study, as follows:

  • CSC 120 Designing Programs: Problem-solving and Abstraction (3-2-4)
  • CSC 225 Data Structures and Algorithms (3-0-3)
  • CSC 345 Elements of Computing Systems (3-0-3)
  • An additional 9 hours of CSC courses, 6 hours of which must be at the 300-level or above.

Sample Plans of Study (from Spring/Fall 2015)

Note: These are subject to course offerings, and alternatives plans of study may be possible. You are encouraged to speak with Dr. Hamid (nhamid@berry.edu) to discuss your options. (Starred* courses in the plans below are required for the minor.)

Semester/Year Plan 1 Plan 2
Spring 2015 CSC 120*
Fall 2015 CSC 225*
CSC 420 (Machine Learning)
CSC 103
Spring 2016 CSC 219 or
235 or
CSC 120*
CSC 219 or
235 or
Fall 2016 CSC 345*
CSC 315 or
Elective (420/498)
CSC 345*
CSC 315 or
Elective (420/498)
Spring 2017 Elective (420/498) Elective (420/498)
Fall 2017 CSC 225*