Senior Projects – Spring 2013

This spring three groups of students presented their capstone projects for the CSC490 – Senior Project course. We had…

Berry Bus
Adam Gillfillan – Cal Supik – Randy Murdock
Berry Bus is an interactive bus tracking app that makes real-time campus bus information available online for Berry students. Berry buses are displayed on a detailed map, using the power of GPS and Google Maps. Stuck waiting in Krannert for the bus because its raining? Want to save time finding the bus from anywhere on campus? Use your smartphone or computer to instantly check the bus location.
Rome-Floyd Humane Society Website
Brook Bowers – Mary White
We redesigned the Rome/Floyd Humane Society webpage to create a dynamic, interesting, and visually appealing page while implementing all of the features that they desired such as a real-time live feed of available pets, an article database, and online forms.
Study Buddy
Daniel Vetter – Kelsey Zablan – Mike Robb
Study Buddy is a website for students that provides an easier way for them to create meetings whether it is for studying or anything else by course. To ensure that the meetings are beneficial, students are also encouraged to rate their past group members so future students can have a better idea of which meeting to join.


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