Adam Cronan – Interview Fall 2016

Your name: Adam Cronan
When did you graduate? 2016
Please tell us what you’ve being doing since you graduated? I just completed an internship as a web developer at Jewelry Television. 
How have you used computing and/or something that you learned in a CSC course? In my internship I worked on integrating machine learning algorithms into data sets to gain information about those data sets. I also worked on improving Jewelry Television’s SEO, debugging .NET applications, and using Angular 2 for development. 
Now that you’re in the “real world”, what are you looking forward to learning more about or being more involved with (computing-related or otherwise)? I really want to have a career in web development/design so I want to gain as much experience and knowledge in that area as I can. 


Adam discovered his passion for Computer Science late at Berry and did not have a chance to add a minor before he graduated. Nonetheless, he has been accepted to a Masters degree program in Computer Science at UTK where he hopes to be able to further his education in the discipline.