Alan Young – Interview Fall 2016

Your name: Alan Young

Please tell us what you did this summerI held an unpaid internship at ImagineX Consulting, a business and technology consulting firm out of Atlanta. While there, I developed an iOS application using the Swift programming language (for front end) and Spring Boot (a Java library) for creating a backend .war file to run a web service connected to an Amazon DynamoDB database. The backend will soon be hosted on Amazon EC2, managed using Ansible, an open source cloud management system.image1

How did you use computing and/or something that you learned in a CSC courseI used what I learned about designing and building systems, and UI design from CS245 (Web Dev), and CS225 (Data Structures and Algorithms).

What was one (or more) of the best parts of your experienceTaking the lead of the project, it was really cool that they let me have such free reign of the implementation. There were guidelines of course, but for the most part, I taught myself what I needed (something I’ve done a lot over the last 3 years at Berry) and made things work how I thought would be best.

It was great to have the guidance and support when I needed it, and to build something that I can be proud of.

Anything else you’d like to share? My internship has turned into a part time job for during the semester, and potentially a job after school with them as a full time developer/consulting developer, working on in house projects, and maybe some client work.