Brittany Miller – Interview Fall 2016

Your name: Brittany Miller

When did you graduate? May 2016


Please tell us what you’ve being doing since you graduated. I spent some time in Rome, Italy (the original Rome!) and sailed off from there on a Mediterranean cruise. I came back an soon after began training for my new job as a Client Tech Analyst with the CDK Global office in Cincinnati. 

How have you used computing and/or something that you learned in a CSC course? In my job, I provide support for service application used in the automotive industry. At this (early) point in my career, this involves how-to problems as well as getting into the system level and fixing issues in the data. 

Now that you’re in the “real world”, what are you looking forward to learning more about or being more involved with (computing-related or otherwise)? Besides learning how to adult and getting my own place, I would like to learn SQL and work more in databases. 

Any advice for students back at Berry? You will have the rest of your life to be responsible and make money. Spend this time on experiences. Be active in your studies. Pursue things you’re interested in, even if they don’t seem to be “career relevant”. Don’t worry about how much things cost – worry about what you could be missing. You will never get these years, the ones without true burdens and responsibilities, back. Be interesting before life makes you boring. 


Brittany enrolled in CSC120 her senior year. In retrospect, “once I was in CSC120, I wished I had taken it earlier and done more with Computer Science!