Nathan Hirsh – Interview Fall 2016

Your name: Nathan Hirsh

Please tell us what you did this summer? I volunteered at a local community school in Uganda for disabled children. I also taught the adults how to use computers and other technology and helped them set the it up.

img_3799How did you use computing and/or something that you learned in a CSC courseWith the help of Dr. Hamid, I developed a voting program for a local village in Uganda. The program helped the locals vote more efficiently, as well as it being anonymous (which was very important for them). I taught them how to operate the program on their own and it is still being used today.

pastedimageWhat was one (or more) of the best parts of your experienceThe best part was being fully immersed in the culture and growing closer to the friends I made there. Taking care of and teaching the children was also an incredible experience.


Anything else you’d like to shareIt was a great experience for me to teach others and learn as a student myself. This was my first time helping creating a program that fulfilled an actual need in life. It was incredible to see how what I’ve learned in the classroom could really help these people in Uganda!