Stephen Jones – Interview Fall 2016

Your name: Stephen Jones

When did you graduate? May 2016

Please tell us what you’ve being doing since you graduated. I have been enjoying my time interviewing for different jobs, completing technical challenges, competing in online coding competitions (to stay sharp), and just generally enjoying my new found freedom.

How have you used computing and/or something that you learned in a CSC course? YES! I have used so much knowledge that I gained from CSC courses these past few months. Every single job interview I had required me to rely on something I learned in one of these courses (data structures and algorithms is super important). Also in my free time I have been working on an Android/IOS app and learning ruby on rails.

Now that you’re in the “real world”, what are you looking forward to learning more about or being more involved with (computing-related or otherwise)? I have a whole list of things I want to learn more about including machine learning, application development, financial trading, and IOT devices. I also plan on joining a maker space in Dallas and through my new job dedicating some time to promote CS education.

Any advice for students back at Berry? If you are considering a career as a software developer make sure to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals. I think all of the CS courses at Berry really stress that, but you also need to put in your own effort to mastering them. Also finding a job as a software developer can be a pretty daunting task – you will be pushed and sometimes interviews/technical challenges will not go your way. The important thing is to not worry and treat everything as a learning opportunity and also remember interviews are two-sided. Overall though, make sure to enjoy your few years at Berry and soak up as much as you can.

Stephen had a great experience with Computer Science at Berry. He participated in Casual Coding (an informal club for students interested in computing), went to regional programming contests, and took part in an exciting summer REU opportunity. We’re happy to see Stephen on his way to a great career and life ahead of himself!