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Welcome to CSC235 - Physical Computing at Berry College! Be sure to check out the student blog site to see what everyone's up to.

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  • Prototyping Open House: Tuesday, April 25 from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Class #DateTopicThings to read/watch?DeliverablesAssigned
Week 1 - Introduction • Prototyping • Electronics
1Jan 9Welcome! Syllabus; Safety; Lab tour; Prototyping; Critiquesno Introduction Post; Light Sculpture
2Jan 11Soldering; Electronicsyes (~40 mins, video clips)Introduction Post 
* No class Jan 16 (MLK Day)
3Jan 18Schematics; Introduction to Arduinoyes (~25 mins video)Looking Outwards - PhysComp ProjectsObject Deconstruction
Week 2 - Digital Input/Output • Coding Techniques
4Jan 23Digital I/O; Basic Arduino Codingyes (~25 mins video)Weekly Journal (Prototyping/Soldering/Basic Electronics); Light Sculpture 
5Jan 25Coding Patterns; Debugging; TestingnoObject Deconstruction 
Week 3 - Fundamental Techniques 1
6Jan 30State Machinesyes (~35 mins video)Weekly Journal (Digital I/O Exercises); Email question about videosReaction Challenge
7Feb 1Timing; Multitaskingyes (~35 mins video)State diagram exercise from Monday (bring hardcopy to class) 
Week 4 - Fundamental Techniques 2
8Feb 6Arraysyes (~36 mins video)Weekly Journal (State machines); Reaction Challenge 
9Feb 8LED Pixelsno Simon Says Game
Week 5 - Integrated Circuits
10Feb 13Integrated Circuits; Datasheets; Multiplexers Weekly Journal: Sensor Walk 
11Feb 15Shift Registers   
Week 6 - Analog I/O
12Feb 20Analog I/O: Sensors; Calibrationyes (~34 mins video)Weekly Journal (Multiplexers/Shift Registers) 
13Feb 22Thresholding; Smoothing; Sampling; Data Collection Simon Says Game 
Week 7 - PWM • Audio • Motors
14Feb 27PWM; Audioyes (~15 mins video)Looking Outwards - Components and Sensors 
15Mar 1Motors; Servos; Steppers; H-bridge IC   
Week 8 - Interaction & Design
16Mar 6Interaction & Design; Iteration; User Testing  Interaction Reading Reflection  
17Mar 8?User Interfaces - Physical & Tangible Interaction Reading Reflection; Kitchen Object  
* No class (March 13-17, Spring Break)
Week 9 - Processing • Serial Communication
18Mar 20Processing - IDE & Language  Interactive Observation?  
19Mar 22Serial Communication Kitchen Object TangibleTicTacToe?  
Week 10 - Wireless Communication
20Mar 27Handshaking Protocols   
21Mar 29?Wireless Communication Final Project ProposalFinal Project Plans
Week 11 - Network Communication
22Apr 3?Network Communication   
23Apr 5API Usage   
Weeks 12 to 14 - Final project work
24Apr 10:   
25Apr 12:   
26Apr 17:   
27Apr 19:Materials Return  End-of-semester Reflection (make-up assignment)
28Apr 24:Final Project in-class presentations Final Project Deliverables
 Apr 25:Projects on display - CRT Open House (3pm-8pm)  

Daily Timetable


  • 1:00 pm - welcome/overview of the day - collect quizzes
  • 1:05 pm - presentation/lecture/discussion/demo/questions…
  • 1:40 pm - start lab work
  • 2:30 pm - clean up
  • 2:40 pm - recap & reflection
  • 2:50 pm -

Lab Hours

  • Sun 6-10pm: Bikel
  • Mon 6-10pm: Bikel
  • Tue 6-8pm: Ryan • 8-10pm: Dexter
  • Wed 6-8pm: Ryan • 8-10pm: Dexter
  • Thu 6-8pm: Ryan • 8-10pm: Dexter

Instructor Office Hours

MAC 354B • (email to confirm)

  • Mon: 9-10am; 12-1pm
  • Tue: 9-11am; 6-8pm
  • Wed: 9-10am; 12-1pm
  • Thu: 6-8pm

Courtesy and Engagement

I want this class to be fun and meaningful with everybody feeling comfortable to contribute to the dialogue. This is how we learn. Effective learning/teaching is a creative and co-constructed experience with give and take between teacher and student and between student and student. Key to facilitating an environment for learning is respect. Disruptive and disrespectful behavior make for a stressful atmosphere that is not conducive to learning. Please observe the following class policies.

  • Be professional; be on time. Walking in late or not being prepared is disruptive to others.
  • You are expected to stay for the entire class.
  • Cell phones and pagers need to be turned to vibrate before class starts.
  • In group projects, you are expected to do your share of the work and communicate effectively with others in your group ie. giving correct contact information to the rest of the group, responding to emails and phone calls regarding the group project, attending meetings to work out assignments and schedules.
  • Most of my communication outside of class with individuals as well as the class are done via email.
  • Address me and your fellow students respectfully both in person and in e-mail.
  • Pay attention during class; no web browsing that is not relevant to the topic at hand, IMing, reading newspapers, doing work for other classes, etc.
  • Listen to others while they are talking and do not carrying on conversations or interrupt while others have the floor.
  • Conduct yourself with personal integrity and honesty. See the course syllabus and the Berry catalog policy.
  • Common courtesy--treat others as you would like to be treated.

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