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Programming Languages (CSC420) - Spring 2017

Welcome to the course!

Documents & Resources


ClassDate            TopicReadingAssignment
1Jan 9Welcome; Introduction-Learning Pyret (due Jan 12)
2Jan 11PyretPAPL Section 1 and 34; Skim Section 2, 3, 6, 7 as needed.
3Jan 13PyretSkim Section 9 and 13 as neededML: Numbers (due Jan 17)
 Jan 16MLK Day (no classes)
4Jan 18ML: Numbers 
5Jan 20Compilers; Interpreters; Expressions (lecture code)PAPL Section 23 and Section 24ML: Conditionals (due Jan 22)
6Jan 23ML: ConditionalsPAPL Section 25ML: Named Functions (due Jan 26)
7Jan 25Interpreting Functions (1) 
8Jan 27ML: Named Functions ML: Scope
9Jan 30ML: Scope ML: Function Calls (due Feb 2)
10Feb 1Interpreting functions (2) Calc Locals Vars (due Feb 7)
11Feb 3ML: Function Calls Calc Local Vars (due Feb 7) --- ML: Anonymous Functions (optional, due Feb 5)
12Feb 6LambdaPAPL Section 26
13Feb 8Desugaring Interpreter (due Feb 14)
14Feb 10Types 
15Feb 13Typing conditionals & functionsPAPL Section 27
16Feb 15Interpreter: Review Type Checker (due Feb 23)
17Feb 17Type Checker Implementation 
18Feb 20Safety & soundness 
19Feb 22Parametric polymorphism 
20Feb 24Type inference 
21Feb 27State & variables ML: Mutable Variables (due Mar 2)
22Mar 1Structures and Aliasing 
23Mar 3ML: Mutable Variables ML: Mutable Structures (due Mar 5)
24Mar 6ML: Mutable Structures ML: Fields (due Mar 9)
25Mar 8Structures & Aliasing 
26Mar 10ML: Fields 
Mar 13 - 17Spring Break
27Mar 20Objects (Lecture code) 
28Mar 22More Objects 
29Mar 24ML: Classes Calc Record Fields (due Thu, Mar 30)
30Mar 27Ruby: Day 1 
31Mar 29Ruby: Day 2 
32Mar 31Ruby: Day 3 
33Apr 3Prolog: Day 1 Auction Strategies Program (Ruby version due Fri, Apr 7; Prolog version due Wed, Apr 12)
34Apr 5Prolog: Day 2 
35Apr 7Prolog: Day 3 
36Apr 10Scala: Day 1 
37Apr 12Scala: Day 2 
 Apr 14Good Friday (no classes)
38Apr 17Scala: Day 3 
39Apr 19Haskell: Day 1 
40Apr 21Haskell: Day 2 (functors, applicatives, monads in pictures) Haskell Exercises (due Thurs, Apr 27)
41Apr 24Wrap-up; Conclusion