We are tracking coyote locations and behaviors in the Atlanta metro area. If you have seen a coyote around Atlanta or the surrounding counties, use the map below to mark your encounter or sighting and provide us some additional information. If you have photos or video, you can send them to us with the confirmation number that you get after you have posted your report. Send to

Using the map

We collect the latitude/longitude coordinate of the point you mark.

  • Drag the marker around on the map to pinpoint the location of your sighting or encounter. You can also click on the map to reposition the marker.
  • Use the +/- buttons to zoom in/out, or double-click on the map.
  • Drag the hand icon around on the map (not the marker) to adjust your view of the map.
  • To move the marker directly to a particular address or location on the map, type it in here and click the "Move marker" button:

The date is optional if you can't remember but please approximate the time, even if uncertain.

A sighting is an observation at a distance with no interaction. An encounter is an interaction at close range.

How did it look? Was it alone? What was it doing? What did you feel/do?

If you are willing, please provide your email in case we would like to reach you regarding this sighting.